The Press Room

the press room food.jpg

A beautiful and eclectic, cellar-style wine bar and restaurant lives on-site in the lower level of The Publishing House. Called The Press Room, after the place where grapes are pressed for fermentation into wine, the food is ingredient-driven, modern American in style, sophisticated but always familiar, and welcome on every occasion. The wines are wide-ranging and picked with specific purpose to food pairing, and the cocktails are classic, imaginative and very, very tasty.

The Press Room opened just after us in August 2017, and is owned and operated by four of our friends including a Chef, Sommelier, Cocktail pro and GM. Between them you’ll always find one, two or more of them downstairs serving thirsty customers and making sure that only the good stuff is sent out from the bar and the kitchen.

We’re proud to recommend The Press Room to our guests because it’s also our go-to for a quiet drink to celebrate a day hard won and try one of Chef’s new creations out of the kitchen. Last time we were there we had old fashioned cocktails, olives and the fresh burrata ball. We love this place, and it’s not only because we live above it, we promise!

For reservations and more information, go to or call 331-240-1914.