New Addition to the Family!


As most of you know we have had two house pugs here since we opened the B&B, Angus the eight year old pug and Louie the four year old puggle, both owned by Kimberly and I. Our manager Marina is a self-admitted dog lady, and intends to raise millions of little fur babies during her lifetime. But all great things must start somewhere, and this story starts with a little snugglet called Toast!

Toast is a four month old mini Dachshund that Kimberly and Marina picked up all the way down in South-East Missouri and then drove back to Chicago during a marathon 48 hour road trip. Toast loves nothing more than to snuggle up in a blanket next to you on the couch while you work, or to chew on Louie’s ear (which Louie hates but puts up with).

Here he is - meet Toast: