Heritage Coffee and Bikes


Heritage Coffee and Bikes just opened their new location on Racine and Randolph in the West Loop, and us coffee fiends are PUMPED! We always love the addition of anything food and beverage related near us (which happens quite often, I’m not gonna lie), and a new place to stop off during dog walks for a quick espresso is always welcomed. One of our staff members, Phoebe, admitted that she has been in Heritage so many times in the last few weeks that it has been open that all of the baristas now know her by name…

Heritage has several other locations around Chicago, The Loop, two in Uptown, Lakeview, and River North, however not every location actually carries custom bicycles for sale, which the new West Loop location does. The vibe is relaxed but upscale, hipster but not “Logan Square,” and you can get a seriously good, no fuss coffee in a couple of minutes, or hang out for hours with a drip and a friend.

I visited the new Heritage this past week, and I was pleasantly surprised I was allowed to take the dogs inside with me to grab my coffee. It was raining, and the staff welcomed all of us in and gushed over the pups while making my drinks. I didn’t get to try any of their breakfast food dishes as we had just eaten breakfast ourselves here at the House, but their menu looked awesome and I even saw a girl actually sautéing fresh veggies behind the counter. Not something you see every day at a coffee shop!

They’re open from 7am-7pm, located at 172 N. Racine. See you there!