The Blind Barber

Want a quick beard trim in the afternoon, and a dance on a table by night? Por que no los dos?! At the Blind Barber, you CAN have both, all in the same location. The Blind Barber is an actual barbershop here in the West Loop on Fulton Market St. and Morgan St., with a very cool speakeasy bar in back that you would never know existed if someone didn’t tip you off. 


BB has an excellent rep as a barber shop, with five barbers on site. They keep it simple with the menu in the front of the house: a beard trim, a haircut, and a hot towel shave are your trio of options. But in the back, the cocktail menu is extensive and the music options are endless. Every service they offer up front comes with a complimentary cocktail (as it should if there’s a cool bar behind the barbershop!) They’ve also got a line of products, from pomades to styling creams, the stuff professionals use, to keep you looking fresh until your next appointment. 

I’ve personally been to The Blind Barber speakeasy bar twice, and every level of debauchery happens here that you’d expect. It’s probably one of the most hipster locations in the West Loop, with a very Logan Square feel to it, yet not nearly as upscale as all of the other bars in this area. Drinks are standard WL prices, but you won’t care by the first hour of dancing. The DJ’s they have spinning are excellent, and the atmosphere past Cinderella’s curfew consists of a bunch of twentysomething’s chatting loudly over the music and enjoying a night on the town. It’s a great place to take a group of friends who are in town for the weekend, your one friend from college who’s still tossing back Four Loko’s or have a girls night with your crew. If you want to actually be able to hear your date, take them elsewhere to start the night, then come by BB to let your hair down. 

The Blind Barber is open 11am-2am at 948 W. Fulton Market St Chicago, IL 60607