Here Comes The....B&B?

PC: Rowan + Birch

PC: Rowan + Birch

When it comes to the perfect wedding, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it a flawless dress, the photo of your partner sobbing as you walk down the aisle, dancing with your friends till the clock strikes 12? Is it the cake? If I ever get married, my wedding 100% will focus on the cake. (Sorry not sorry, future spouse).

Or is your idea of the perfect wedding having all your friends and family under one roof for the wedding weekend, taking over an entire 10,000 sqft urban loft down the street from your ceremony, with the ability to host all your parties, pictures, and dinners without ever leaving the building?

If so, then look no further.

At The Publishing House B&B, we specialize in wedding accommodations, and have done so since the day we opened. The first weekend we were open for business back in June 2017, we hosted our first wedding party, and each one only gets better and better. The idea for catering to wedding parties first came from when Shawn & Kimberly stayed at a mansion-turned-Airbnb for Kimberly’s cousin’s wedding a few years ago.  They got to hang out with the entire family and get to know the whole wedding party, attend the rehearsal dinner, prepare for the wedding day and take photos, and come back and crash with everyone all without having to arrange for additional venues or pay extra for separate hotels for each couple. It turned out to be much more cost effective for everyone involved, and so much more fun to be all together.

When K&S opened PHBNB, they knew this was something they wanted to focus on recreating for wedding couples in the West Loop. Having such fond memories of this wedding weekend, they established a wedding package, if you will, in that you can book the House privately which allows the wedding couple much more than just somewhere for their friends and family to sleep.

PC: Anna Zajac

PC: Anna Zajac

PC: Michael Krug

PC: Michael Krug

Not only does booking the whole house come with sleeping accommodations for up to 24 people, which almost always encapsulates the entire wedding party and all immediate family members, it also includes:

-       Option to host your rehearsal dinner for up to 55 people cocktail style, 34 seated, with a caterer of your choosing.

-       Beautiful spaces for photography/videography throughout the weekend

-       Selection of over 50 different breakfast dishes, the ability to choose your breakfast time, and option to host a buffet brunch for up to 55 people

-       Use of entire house to get ready for the wedding

-       Ability to bring in any hair and makeup team you wish

-       Use of the house as the perfect place for an after party


….Meaning, this is your one stop shop for basically everything except for the wedding and reception. In some cases, we can even host the ceremony, providing that you have a small,  intimate ceremony that would fit in our upstairs common room.

Each wedding we’ve hosted has had different needs and special events, small groups to large parties, young couples to couples on their second marriage, and in every single one of those, they’ve all said that booking the House was the best decision they made in the process of planning their wedding. The convenience is second to none, being able to just relax in a place that really feels like home instead of a stuffy hotel makes the weekend feel more personal, and the families truly love being together and reuniting all under one roof.


To arrange a tour to discuss with us your upcoming wedding, call us at 312-554-5857, or email us at We accept bookings up to two years in advance, and are happy to have you in to tour Mon-Fri, 11am-4pm.