Emporium Arcade

“Wanna get your a** handed to you in Sopranos tonight?”  

An uncommon phrase for most, but not among the staff of the B&B. Emporium Arcade Bar, which has several locations around Chicago, is one of our top 5 places to go to unwind after work. Each location, Logan Square, Wicker Park, and (our fave) Fulton Market, has a variety of pinball machines, air hockey, foosball, and pool tables, and an assortment of vintage arcade games like Frogger and Galaga.  

We love hanging out here because you’re not just sitting around, drinking, and talking, which you can do literally anywhere else. It lets you expend all the rest of your energy beating your coworkers at Sopranos pinball (which is Shawn, Kimberly, and I’s favorite machine) ALL while still taking the edge off the day with a whiskey ginger….or 3. Who’s counting? The crowd here varies, which also makes it fun for meeting new people and/or people watching on a Saturday night. The bar is massive, the bartenders are quick and make *boozy* bevs, and the photobooth in the back captures all the best memories. 

 Come hang with us at Emporium Fulton! 839 W. Fulton Market Street. They’re open from 4pm-2am. One thing I will note, make SURE you have your ID on you!! Even if you’re growing a Jesus beard and look like you’ve been able to drink since the 70’s, they will card you. No ID, no entry. We’ve made this mistake before and had to pause the fun to grab someone’s ID many times.  

See you there!  

Shawn giving Shay pro tips at pool.

Shawn giving Shay pro tips at pool.