The Publishing House OG's

All good things have to start somewhere, and this particular story starts with the 4 people who have made it through the last two (!!) years of making this B&B what it is today.

Meet Shawn, Kimberly, Marina and Shay.

(In the fanciest, most elegant get up you’ll ever see us in. Ever.)


If you’ve stayed at The Publishing House, even just once, chances are you have met all of us. We make up over half the staff, and we have been the core four since before June 1st, 2017, our official opening date.

Shawn is the Aussie, and only guy who can tolerate working with five very headstrong women, bearing the bunny ears top left in the photo. If you wind up becoming a regular here, he will absolutely force you to try Vegemite on toast and will slide you a classic flat white if we’ve got the espresso machine on that day. Master of the kitchen, not so much the laundry room, he will talk your ear off about breakfast recipes, the best cafes to go to in Melbourne, and Back to the Future (or just about any space/time travel shows on Netflix).  

Kimberly, also known around the house as the “Queen Bee & B” (pun intended), can be found tossing up the peace sign in literally any photo she can. Hailing from Sheboygan, she’s got you covered on anything Packers, cheese, and all the Wisconsinisms. She’s the mastermind behind the majority of the design in the house, with most of the furnishings being hand selected by her, and will gladly tell you all her craigslist furniture shopping secrets over a bottle of wine or two.


Marina, known as the Pixie, and not just for her platinum blonde haircut, slid her way into this gig nearly 3 years ago by staying with S&K during the build out of the B&B. After many wine nights together, she sealed the deal of first employee over a classic Matchbox margarita, and somehow she still hasn’t left. Through unpacking every single bed in the House on day one, to jumping from associate innkeeper to house manager and ACTUALLY learning to cook, she’s seen the good, the gross, and the fun of hospitality. You’ll spot her dancing around the house, on the floor playing with the doggos, and occasionally actually doing work.  

Fourth, we have our Chicago born and raised gal, Tashay, or as we call her, Shay. She’s the best second hand to have in the kitchen, a whiz in the rooms, and was once called a “ray of light” by a guest (which everyone agrees). The only mama in the crew, she knows how to handle just about anything, and sometimes we get to hang out with her adorable mini me’s during Harry Potter night at the House. (Ask her to show you photos of her kids and you’ll win her over!)

The four of us can’t wait to see you during your next stay! :)